Do you have a frustrated feline or a mischievous moggy?
If so, the self-proclaimed ëCat Maní of St Annes may be able to help you! Louis Denyer claims to be able to speak fluent cat after years of studying the animals in his spare time. He is now offering his services to help the owners of problem cats after setting up his own feline behaviourist business, which he claims is the first of its kind on the Fylde coast. Louis, 29, said: ìIím in it to save catsí lives, thatís the whole point of why Iím doing it. ìI just feel thereís too many cases of mistreated cats, and cats that are misbehaving and being punished. ìCat are very territorial animals who need to know they own the whole space where they live. I want to not only help cats but to educate people about them, too. ìPeople donít realise that playing with your cats for 20 minutes and tiring them out will solve a lot of problems. ìItís as important as taking your dog out for a walk.î Louis, who helps out at Cat Rescue Fylde, off North Houses Lane, St Annes, got the idea to help owners with their problem pets after friends told him he had a special bond with the animals.
Thomas Temple/